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Utah schools will soon scrap Coke2014-Dec-14

Utah schools will soon scrap Coke


Federal rules have typically stopped short of dictating what's in school vending machines. That is set to change for the 2014 2015 school year, when schools must substitute more healthful items. Some Utah schools say they've already started to gear up for the new regulations.


Munchies mandate Schools must sub out junk food in vending machines for fruits, nuts and whole grains. This applies to snack carts and any other kiosks on school grounds. School officials expect to have a tough time finding such items during the next few months, but they believe snack makers will offer options within a year or two.


A fine frenzy Right now, schools must limit candy and soda sales to non lunch periods, in non dining areas. But some students munch and wander, so it's tricky to regulate. Last year, Davis High in Kaysville and Box Elder High in Brigham City faced $15,000 $20,000 fines for violating the rule.


"It's good that they're giving us healthier stuff," said Meza, 15, a West High sophomore. The evolution shows Utah has gained ground in a nationwide battle to improve school fare Cheap Jerseys and cater to students on the go.


But an incoming set of federal rules poses a new challenge: Next school year, rules will limit vending machines and club fundraisers or other events on school property to popcorn, trail mix, natural fruit juice and other more healthful options.


A healthy overhaul of school meals has already pushed down the number of students served last year. Right now, vending machines are the main competition for lunch and breakfast programs.


"It's quicker to just go to a vending machine and grab a Gatorade and a bag of chips and call it lunch" than to wait in line, said Jodi Vlam, nutrition director at Alpine School District. "Or to leave campus, or not eat at all."


Purging the former junk food havens will drive even more students from campus in pursuit of sugar, fat and salt, predicts Granite School District nutrition director Rich Prall. It will deal another blow to the lunch Cheap NBA Jerseys program and a new Wholesale Basketball Jerseys one to school vending earnings.


Fun packaging and Facebook Even before the menu changes, schools faced unfavorable odds against jammed student schedules, neighboring fast food joints and burgeoning enrollment. For some students, school lunch just isn't cool. Others simply want to quit campus for a little while.


So some schools are getting creative, trying restaurant style meals, social media updates and a breakfast period after the first bell but before announcements.


At Alpine high schools and junior highs, entrees mirror healthier fast food options: main dish salads, with choices such as Mandarin or Southwest chicken. Cafeteria workers bread chicken breasts and bake them instead of frying.


More students are choosing salads since the new versions appeared last year, Vlam said, especially male athletes.


The district also replaced old plates with black bowls and clear lids, mimicking restaurant to go containers. The number of students buying those lunches went up sixfold, Vlam said.


District officials may soon task photography and Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale marketing classes with luring students to the lunchroom. In Provo District schools, such strategies include equipping each kitchen with a digital camera. Workers post photos of taco salads and fresh watermelon to Facebook for families and students.


Another option: stocking vending machines with ready to go lunches, such as turkey sandwiches with crackers and fruit.


But it might not be enough. At Alpine's Lone Peak High, McDonald's beckons students from across the street, guiding them in with a light up pedestrian walkway.


Fast break Some students in Ogden schools hop off the bus, walk through the commons and on to class whether they've had breakfast or not. By second period, they hit the vending machines for chips and soda, district dietitian Kristine Scott said.


Three out of four district students qualify for free or reduced price school meals, but many forgo them, Scott said.


"This generation's kind of like that: 'What can I get right now? What can you do for me? I don't care about breakfast, but if it's right here, I'll eat it.' "


So officials this year are setting up breakfast carts along the route from bus to classroom for students at Washington High. We will delete comments containing obscenities, personal attacks and inappropriate or offensive remarks. Flagrant or repeat violators will be banned. If you see an objectionable comment, please alert us by clicking the arrow on the upper right side of the comment and selecting "Flag comment as inappropriate". If you've recently registered with Disqus or aren't seeing your comments immediately, you may need to verify your email address.

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Since David Beckham arrived in Paris the2014-Dec-14

Reuters Soccer Blog


Since David Beckham arrived in Paris the media have captured every move, every training session, every single time he and his family have roamed around the city.


The infrastructure of the Paris Saint Germain (PSG) stadium was upgraded to handle all the media that he attracts. The media in Paris was ready to follow all his actions as evidenced when 150 journalists were accredited to cover the presentation of his PSG jersey.


While covering his first match, I was able to capture an emblematic picture that I was hoping to shoot. Beckham ran and embraced Swedish team mate Zlatan Ibrahimovic to celebrate scoring, providing me with an image of a true team player. As the French tournament continued, Beckham did what he does best, which was to spread himself among the team, while becoming one of the key leaders.


For the last home match of the season, I arrived at the stadium in advance to install my equipment. The night announced itself as a long one. It was pouring rain and Paris Saint Germain was already the winner of the Wholesale NFL Jerseys French League. This could have been the most irrelevant match if it was not for the fact that this night was to be the last soccer match of one of the most defining figures in soccer.'Tebow Time' runs out this week when the Broncos host the Patriots but the Lineman's time has come. We've been close to a perfect week a few occasions this season but with time ticking down Week 15 looks like a promising bet.


Record: 43 41. Last week 4 2; Pick of the Week: 12 2




Cincinnati Bengals (7 6) at St. Louis Rams (2 11) (Line Bengals minus 6.5)


Remember when the Bengals were purring along with a 6 2 mark and there was chatter of a new pecking order in the AFC North.


Well, not so fast. The Steelers and Ravens are back on top and Cincinnati is facing a Wholesale Jerseys Outlet must win date with the Rams on Sunday after dropping four of their last five.


But two of the Cincy losses were to the Steelers, one to the division leading Ravens and a heart breaking one point loss to the AFC leading Texans last Sunday. St. Louis will not present the same challenge.


Despite the swoon, the Bengals still have a very good shot at the playoffs while the Rams only shot is the number one draft pick.


The Bengals will not have a better chance to get their post season bid back on track going up against the sad sack Rams, who are coming off a Monday Night beat down by the Seattle Seahawks.


Rams quarterback Sam Bradford saw action against Seattle but was Wholesale Basketball Jerseys clearly not over his ankle injury


and may Elite Nike NFL Jerseys not get the start.


That would leave newcomer Kellen Clemens at the controls of the NFL's lowest scoring offence averaging just 11.8 points per game.


Running back Stephen Jackson remains the Rams big weapon but will find the yards hard to come by against a very tough seventh ranked Cincinnati defence.


Bengals running back Cedric Benson may be hobbled with an injured foot but is likely to have a much more productive day going against a St. Louis defence that is ranked dead last against the run.


Cincinnati rookie quarterback Andy Dalton has thrown a touchdown in 10 straight games.


Bengals scratch out a win, take Cincy and give up the 6.5.


Seattle Seahawks (6 7) at Chicago Bears (7 6) (Line Bears minus 3.5)


It's corny, I know, but the reason I like Chicago here is, that when you back a bear into a corner you are askingfor trouble.


These Bears have lost some of their bite without quarterback Jay Cutler and all purpose back Matt Forte but the Chicago defence is as mean and ornery as any in the league.


After three straight losses, the Bears playoff hopes hinge on this game and I expect them to be exceptionally tough in their den taking on a Seattle team that his making the trip east on short week.


Caleb Hanie gets his fourth start under centre for the injured Cutler and must generate enough offence to give his defence a lead to protect. Running back Marion Barber must hold onto the ball and avoid the bonehead mistakes that cost Chicago a victory in Denver last Sunday.


The Seahawks have produced some of their best wholesale jerseys performances of the season down the stretch winning four of their last five, including wins over Baltimore and Cheap Jerseys Philadelphia.


Marshawn Lynch is a beast and has been perhaps the NFL's dominate running back the last two months rushing for over 100 yards in five of last six weeks.


Chicago will need a couple of big plays from kick returner Devin Hester and some points off the foot of field goal kicker Robbie Gould, who is six for six from 50 yards out this season but make no mistake, the Bears post season hopes rest with a defence led by sack machine Julius Peppers and menacing linebacker Brian Urlacher.

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Nazi chief's seal found in Alpine lake2014-Dec-14

Nazi chief's seal found in Alpine wholesale jerseys lake


THE personal seal of the Nazi security chief Ernst Kaltenbrunner has been found in an Alpine lake, more than 50 years after he threw it away in an effort to hide his identity.


The seal was recovered by chance by a Dutch holidaymaker in the shallows of the Altausee in Styria, Austria.


Kaltenbrunner was head of the SD, the security section of the SS, and was hanged at Nuremberg for war crimes. He was a personal friend of Hitler and ensured that the gas chambers of the concentration camps worked at full capacity, even as the Third Reich was collapsing.


Experts at Vienna University who have examined the seal believe Kaltenbrunner probably threw it into the lake in the final days of the war in May 1945.


He was on the run from Allied forces, and if the historians' claims are correct, it would have been one of his last acts as a free man. He gave himself up a few miles away to American troops claiming to be a doctor, and offering a false name.


His plan came unstuck when his mistress spotted him as he was led away and called out to him using his real name. She rushed to nfl jerseys china hug him, accidentally tipping off troops to his real identity.


The seal found by the 29 cheap nfl jerseys year old holidaymaker is engraved with the words: "The Head of the Security Police and the SD." In the centre is the Nazi eagle clutching a swastika. Shortly before his capture, Kaltenbrunner was believed to have had a last minute meeting with his equally notorious subordinate Adolf Eichmann, who was wholesale nfl jerseys also on the run.

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The Countdown to Freedom Begins2014-Dec-14

The Countdown to Freedom Begins


You're very nearly a MountieIn this final week we had so many things to wrap up and complete with enough activities to keep anyone busy for at least two weeks! And let's not forget those last minute evaluations and inspections. The week started with the EVO (Emergency Vehicle Operation) exam, and for the results of this we were kept in suspense all day. It's always nerve racking to wait for your test marks, especially if it there's any possibility that you don't get to graduate. Luckily it all worked out and we all passed this final exam.


Also at the beginning of the week we had our final FTU evaluation: the Stress Course of Fire. Although this session usually doesn't make or break your Depot career, it is still stressful, hence the name Stress Course of Fire: flashing lights, sirens, loud noises, and armed assailants approaching as we struggled to get our pistols and/or shotguns to cooperate. Following these little scenarios we packed up our pistols and had them shipped to our detachments. To finish off the day (yep, still Monday), we attended part of the previous troop's graduation ceremony for the changing of the numbers. Changing of the numbers is when the graduating troop removes their number from the Drill Hall wall and the new graduating troop puts up theirs. We're so steeped in tradition around here! But it was a great experience for which I got dressed up in walking out order which broke up the monotony of my prep and cleaning for the Commanding Officer's (CO's) inspection.


The following morning, the insanity continued with CO's inspections (I had absolutely no deficiencies!), followed by a mad dash to reassemble and put on the Sam Browne Jake Matthews Jersey to go have our pictures taken. Troop photos, grad photos, service photos, a seemingly endless procession of lightbulb flashes: how everyone loves to snap pictures of the Mounties. Best get used to it I suppose! This also marked the beginning of our Stetson wearing: one more privilege or distinction of being the most senior troop on base. It was tricky at first but I did finally figure out how to wear Paul Soliai Women Jersey and adjust my Stetson quickly. Now all I need to work on is not bumping into things as the brim is quite wide. It's actually quite handy to be wearing Stetsons as it's very easy to spot the rest of the troop in a sea of forge caps!


After the picture taking frenzy it was off with the Serge and onwards to the courthouse for mock trials for files we've been working on in APS. It's interesting to see how quickly the defence counsel can poke holes in what appeared to be a solid file! While on the subject of poking holes, on Wednesday we had our final PDT session during which we engaged in some two person handcuffing. This is Paul Soliai Kids Jersey much harder Jake Matthews Red Jersey and more strenuous than one may believe, resulting in many scrapes, bruising and a few more serious injuries.


On Wednesday evening the troop had its Regimental Dinner in the Officer's Mess, where we got to mingle with facilitators and a number of the higher ranking officials at Depot. Another traditional event at Depot is the peer performance that we put on Thursday evening. The performance was the culmination of all our hard work in Drill class. nflfalconsofficial.com/Nike-Devin-Hester-Jersey.html We were all pleasantly surprised at how well it went without any major or noticeable hiccups considering we were still piecing it together during the latter hours of the afternoon!


Friday proved to be a day of running around with loose ends to tie up, each of us meeting with our APS facilitation nflfalconsofficial.com/Nike-Tyson-Jackson-Jersey.html staff for final progress reports, and for many to start picking up family and friends from the airport for graduation. Oh and did I mention the need to start the packing process? I noted that I accumulated a lot of stuff over the last 24 weeks and it all had to be stowed in my suitcases and shipped to the detachment. Of course it's hard to pack everything when there are still certain graduation related events and happenings on the horizon, each of which requires a different order of dress!

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The Story of Carmine Galante2014-Dec-14

The Story of Carmine Galante


Before Lunch It was not quite the dog days of August, but almost. The temperature was in the upper eighties by mid day, baking the cracked asphalt that shimmered under the relentless rays of the noon day sun, beating down on the city like a blow torch, tempered by the 80 degrees of humidity. In Bushwick, Brooklyn, inland from whatever on shore breezes may have been blowing in from the East River, there was no relief from the wilting heat. Granita peddlers pushing carts of shaved iced, held umbrellas over their wares, as they passed by men in undershirts, sitting on basket weave chairs, playing radios, and swigging beer from paper bagged bottles. Women gossiped on street corners, wafting their babies with fans; laundry hung limply from lines strung between alleys, starched stiff by the sun's heat. A brown Lincoln limousine, carrying two men, meandered down Knickerbocker Avenue, cruising past Bushwick Park where men were playing the bocci courts and barbecuing chicken and chops on portable grills, the blue smoke hardly lifting in the heavy air. It was Thursday, July 12th 1979, just another summer day in this part of New York. Bushwick, which derived from the Dutch word for refuge, originally settled by mainly German immigrants, had a huge influx of Italians between the two world wars. Many of the inhabitants still did not speak English, and lots of them were of Sicilian descent, living in rows of mostly three story, six unit, wood frame or brick faced walk ups. However, the population was down to 120,000 from the 1970 census, many people moving south to Staten cheap jerseys Island or east into Queens, giving wholesale jerseys way to the influx of Hispanic groups gradually taking over the district. The Lincoln pulled up at number 205, a small, nondescript building, wedged in between a neighbourhood law office and a pizza parlour, on the north side of the avenue, between Jefferson and Troutman Streets. The sign above the door said 'Joe and Mary, Italian American Restaurant,' the windows clouded by dingy yellow curtains. The passenger nodded goodbye to the driver, his nephew, 43 years old James Galante, and stepped out into the street. As the car rumbled off towards Flushing Avenue, the man checked his cash roll $860, slipping it into the pocket of his pale blue slacks, along with his Medicare and social security cards. He was wearing a white short sleeved knit shirt, and as always, was sucking on a cigar. Small, somewhere between five three and five five, and a stocky 170 pounds, what hair he had left, was wispy and gray to white, strung around his swarthy head like a monk's tonsure. He was 69 years old, and could have been anyone's grandpa checking in for a cheap lunch. In fact, he was Carmine Galante, one of the most dangerous hoodlums ever to operate in the organized mob underworld of New York. Here in the heartland of his criminal empire, he probably felt as safe as houses. He had less than three hours to live. Galante was born on the lower East Side of Manhattan on February 21st 1910, at 27 Stanton Street. His parents both came from Sicily, from the seaside village of Castellammarese del Golfo. His father Vincenzo had been a fisherman there before immigrating to America. He was twenty eight when Carmine was born, and was then working as a labourer. Carmine's mother, Vingenza Russo, was twenty five when he was born. He was one of five children, brothers Sam (Rosario) and Peter, and sisters Angelina and Josephine. He was christened 'Camillo,' but as he grew up, his school friends changed this to Carmine, and it stuck with him the rest of his life. He also called himself at various times: Joseph Russel, Carmine Galento and Louis Volpe. These were just three of the nineteen aliases the FBI, and the five the FBN pinned on him over the years they investigated him. He attended Public Schools 79 and 120, quitting at age fifteen. He was soon in trouble. His first arrest occurred in 1924, when he was fourteen, for stealing trinkets from a store counter, but as he was a juvenile, the actual charge is not included in his police record. He was sent to a reform school as an incorrigible delinquent. From 1923 until 1926, he was employed by Lubin Artificial Flower Company at 270 West Broadway. This was one of the many legitimate jobs he recorded for wholesale nfl jerseys tax purposes and for the benefit of his various parole officers in the years to come. By 1930, he was working as a sorter at the O'Brien Fish Company at 105 South Street, near the Fulton Fish Market. On December 12th 1925, he pleaded guilty to an assault charge, and a year later, again in December, was sentenced to prison for a two to five year period for second degree assault and robbery. On the morning of Saturday, March 15th 1930, police officer Walter O. De Castillia, reported for duty at the 84th Precinct house at 72 Poplar Street, in Brooklyn Heights. A nine year veteran, married with a young daughter, he lived in Jamaica, Queens. The station sergeant sent him around to Martin Weinstein's shoe factory in the seven story red brick building on the corner of York and Washington Streets, just a few blocks to the east, to watch over the owner who was making up his factory payroll this morning. At about eleven o'clock, De Castillia was sitting in an inner office on the sixth floor of the building, with the owner. $7500 was laid out on a desk and Martin Weinstein was personally assembling his employees wage envelopes, when four gunmen burst into the main office and strode across to where the two men sat. As officer De Castillia rose, reaching for his holstered revolver, he was struck twice in the chest and once in the leg by a fusillade of at least six shots. He died instantly. The gunmen turned, walked back out of the office along the corridor to the elevator, where a fifth gunman was guarding Louis Sella the lift operator. The men entered and went down to the street level, casually walking to a parked car, in which they drove off. At no time did any of the gunmen attempt to retrieve the small mountain of cash that was stacked on the owner's desk. Sella described the gunmen as young, early to mid twenties, dark skinned with dark hair, and all well dressed. Although a small army of uniformed officers and detectives descended on the scene, no trace of the gunmen was found. It was thought at one stage in the investigation that the killing was personal, a grudge killing by one or more of the shooters, although this theory never developed legs. Five months later, on August 30th 1930, Carmine Galante was arrested and indicted in the murder of the officer. He was later released for lack of evidence. Arrested along with Galante and also released, were twenty seven year old Michael Consolo, who subsequently became Galante's bodyguard, and one of his cousins, Angelo Presinzano, who stayed close to him for many years, right up to his death in fact, and was his best man when Galante married in 1945. It's possible that about now, Galante started to work under capo Frank Garafolo, who was also the under boss of the Bonanno crime family at this time. Michael Joseph Consolo, however, didn't last the full nine yards with 'Lilo.' A Sicilian born and naturalized American , at the age of 65, in April 1968, he was shot dead on the street near his home on 76th Street in Rego Park, Queens. Two in the head, four in the back. He'd apparently picked the wrong side in the Bonanno War which had been rumbling along for the previous two years. It was rumoured he'd teamed up with Frank Mari to form an alliance with Paulo Gambino, Carlo's elder brother, on behalf of Gaspare Di Gregorio, who had taken over the ruling of Bonanno family, following a convoluted inter family dispute revolving around Joe Bonanno appointing his son, Salvatore, (Bill) as the family counsellor, after a majority vote by the crew skippers confirmed it. Consolo may well have been killed for all the wrong reasons. He had been seen talking to Bill Bonanno outside the Brooklyn Superior Court, as both men waited to give evidence regarding a confused shoot out that had occurred on Troutman Street, on January 28th 1966. The Di Gregorio faction may well have come to believe he was switching sides so had him killed. He may also have been killed by another, second group of Bonanno dissidents who were also involved in the ongoing struggle that became known among law enforcement circles as 'The Banana Split.' Another victim of this inter family struggle was Calabrian born, Frank Mari, a close friend of 'Little Angie' Tuminaro, the linchpin in the famous 'French Connection' case. He disappeared in September, 1969. Mari was the top killer in the Di Gregorio group, who had been the lead shooter at Troutman Street, and had allegedly killed Bill Bonanno's bodyguard, Sam Perrone in March 1968. Frank 'Frankie T' Mari had been inducted into the Bonanno family in 1956, in a ceremony conducted at a house in Elizabeth, New Jersey. At the age of 30, he made his bones. His sponsor, the man who would vouch for him, was Carmine Galante. 'Frankie T' was one of the last men to get into Cosa Nostra before the Commission, the governing body of the American Mafia, ordered the books to be closed. That day, in the basement of the house, watched over by Tommy Luchese, Albert Anastasia, Richie Boiardo, 'Lilo' and others, the induction ceremony was performed. Galante insisted, according to a cheap jerseys news report by Nicolas Pileggi, that Mari become part of his crew. He knew a good earner when he saw one, and Mari had a taste for the drug business, dealing through Tuminaro and Anthony DiPasqua. It looked as though Mari's murder was a 'reprisal' killing, but again, he may have been hit not by the Joe Bonanno faction, his apparent enemies, but in fact by his own people, led by Philip Rastelli, who could have been making a play to set in place his own bid to take over the cheap nfl jerseys family, which in fact he did a few years later. Frank Mari was the heir successor to Paul Sciacca, a man to whom he was very close. He was the man who headed the family after Di Gregorio stood down. Mari's niece had married Sciacca's son. Blood is thicker than water. Never more so than in mob families. Mari and Frank Adamo were last sighted at the 19th Hole Bar and Grill on 86th Street in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, and then just disappeared off the face of the earth. The 1960s were confusing times for the crime family of Joseph Bonanno. On December 25th 1930, a police detective, Joseph Meenahan, had his suspicions aroused by the actions of a group of men in a green sedan parked on Driggs Avenue, just a few blocks north of the Brooklyn Naval Yard. Drawing his gun he approached the car, at which point, one of the men shouted at him, something like: 'Stop right there copper, or we'll burn you.' The redoubtable detective then busted a few caps as a shoot out occurred. The officer's overcoat was riddled with bullets, and he was wounded in the leg. A six year old girl walking nearby with her mother, was seriously wounded in the cross fire. Unable to start their car, three of the four gunmen escaped by leaping onto a passing truck. The detective was able to catch and disable the fourth, who turned out to be Carmine Galante, who had missed his footing and fallen into the street. Taken to the police station, he was worked over by a group of detectives and brutally beaten. He was later identified as one of a gang of four who had robbed the Lieberman Brewery in Brooklyn. He never admitted to anything, including the identities of his accomplices, and after a trial, was sentenced by Judge Conway in King's County Courthouse, Brooklyn, on January 8th 1931, to Sing Sing prison, and then to Clinton Prison, Dannemora, where he remained until his release on May 1st 1939. In prison, he was tested, and a medical report indicated that he had a low IQ (90) and the mental age of a 14 year old (Galante (right) was into his early twenties at this time,) was emotionally dull, and diagnosed as a neuropathic psychopathic personality. Dr. Baker, who carried out the examination, also stated that Galante was shy, had no knowledge of current events or any items of common knowledge. A medical check revealed that he had injured his head in an auto accident when he was ten years old, had fractured an ankle at eleven and by the time he had reached twenty, was showing signs of gonorrhoea in his system. He'd lead a busy life up to this point! On his release from prison, he went back to his old job at the Lubin Artificial Flower company. On February 3rd 1941, he joined Local 856 of the Longshoreman's Union, sponsored by his elder brother Sam, and for a time, worked as a stevedore on Piers 14 and 21 for the New York and Cuba Steamship Company. Sometime in September, he had either left that job, or was moonlighting on another, because he showed his employment as a labourer at the General Electric Plating Company on Grand Street, in Manhattan's Little Italy area, a business owned by Sal Farranto. By August 1943, he was working for a cartage company, called Knickerbocker Trading, operated by one Nate Mesovetsky. The job was apparently organized for him by Johnny Dioguardi, an up coming hood in the Mafia crime family we know today as the Luchese, and it paid him the princely sum of $27 a week. According to police records he lived on his release, either with his mother or sisters, which might account for the variety of address he often quoted: 329 East 101 Street, New York; 876 New Lots Avenue, Brooklyn and 202 Mott Street, New York. He was working this job, when cheap nfl jerseys he was pulled in and questioned by the police in connection with the murder of Carlo Tresca, wholesale nfl jerseys the anarchist newspaper publisher, wholesale jerseys whose brutal killing on a New York street, back on January 11th had made international headlines. Two men employed by the Norwegian consulate, were walking east on Fifteenth Street, and heard the shots. One of them, Mentz Von Erpecom, later described the car. He had served in the Automobile Corps of the Norwegian army, and he knew his motors. A .38 calibre revolver was found in the doorway of the 5th Avenue entrance to Tresca's office building, indicating a second killer was waiting there to cover that doorway. The gun was traced to Philadelphia, but there, the trail went cold. They followed cheap nfl jerseys him around for days, spotting him meeting with friends and associates at his favourite haunts: the Spring Valley Social Club on Elizabeth Street; The Musical Club at 18, Prince Street; a candy store on the corner of Mott and East Houston Street, and Jean's Clam Bar on Emmons Avenue, in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. They hauled him in for questioning, catching him leaving a restaurant on Elizabeth Street and pulled in his criminal associates, but to no avail. There were so many rumours surrounding him, according to police intelligence: Galante was a bootlegger, and he was part of a gang headed by Frank Garofalo. 'Chick Wilson,' who apparently lead a gang on the Lower East Side out of a building at 250 Mott Street. Underworld sources claimed that the driver on the night of the killing was possibly 'Joe Beck' Di Palermo, Galante's life long drug partner, or maybe he was just in the car at the time. Witnesses testified that there were at least three people in the Ford that drove away from the scene of the shooting. Two days earlier, the same car had tried to run Tesca down as he crossed a street. The car, a Ford, registration IC 9272, was identified by reliable witnesses as leaving the scene of the crime. A few hours before Tresca was shot, Galante, wearing a brown overcoat, was seen in this vehicle, driving away from a meeting with his parole officer, Sydney Gross, from the agency office at 80 Centre Street, in downtown Manhattan. His behaviour this particular evening, aroused the suspicion of Gross, who alerted two of his agents. A parole investigator called Fred Berson followed Galante to the car, parked in Lafayette Street, but was unable to tail him, because war time petrol rationing restrictions had grounded all but essential city officers. He did however, note the plate number on the vehicle. Berson was convinced Galante was tied into the Tresca shooting and made waves. He was subsequently dismissed from the service following a letter sent to the board by a fellow parole office, who a few weeks later shot himself, leaving a suicide note stating he had killed himself because of what he had been forced to do to Berson. Files in the New York District Attorney's office contain information in memos dated January through August 1944, that Carmine Galante, Frank Citrano, Tony Garappa and Joe and Pete Di Palermo, were paid $9000 for carrying out the hit on Tresca, the money coming to them via Joe Parisi, a member of the Teamsters Union, and close associate of Albert Anastasia and Vincenzo Mangano, the administration of what is now known as the Gambino Family. In addition to files held by the FBI, ( Tresca was apparently an informant for the agency, and had in fact had a meeting with his case agent the day he died,) which confirmed that Galante worked for both Garafola and Joe Bonanno, an unsigned 8 page document, copies of which are held by several research libraries, advances what could be the most in depth scenario of the men and organizations behind the killing of Tresca. It was most probably written by Girolamo Valenti, a member of the Italian American Victory Council, and a close friend and associate of Tresca's In 1946, Louis Pagnucco, an assistant district attorney investigating the murder, got around to interviewing one of the dozens of minor characters that filled so much space throughout the inquiry into Tresca's murder. The man was a low level street hood, who had just come out of prison for attempted murder, called Ernest 'The Hawk' Rupolo. According to his testimony, shortly after his release, he had met two old friends at the Mapleton luncheonette in Brooklyn. His friends, Gus Frasca and George Smurra, had filled him in on the latest news. They claimed that they, along with Galante, had killed Carlo Tresca and had been well paid for the job. Rupolo also picked out of a photograph line out, the face of Frank Garofalo who he claimed he had seen often at the Mapleton luncheonette with his friends. Ten years later, Rupolo retracted his story, stating that all he knew was about a rumour going around that Vito Genovese had given the order to kill Tresca and that Galante had done the job. It was the classic manoeuvre, still used to day 60 years down the track, when the law wants to put some one away, but has no real case against him. However by now, Carmine obviously had some powerful friends, because just a year later, on December 21st 1944, he was released, after months of lobbying and legal procedural work by a number of very high powered and influential attorneys. He may have also been supported financially, by donations from the American Labour Party, controlled by Luigi Antonini, who had formed an allegiance with Generoso Pope the head of the popular Italian newspaper, Il Martello, published in New York. Both of these men had seen Tresca as an obstruction to their political ambitions. There was also rumours floating around that the Teamster's Union funnelled money through Joe Di Palermo to the Galante defence fund. Closer to the root of the affair, Tresca had publicly humiliated Frank Garofalo, about having an affair with an assistant United States attorney, called Dolores Facconti. Also, on September 8th 1942, a dinner party was held in the Manhattan Club Hall by the War Savings Bond Committee of Americans of Italian Extraction. When Tresca entered and saw Garafola was present, he shouted, ' Even that gunman is here,' and turned and left. Garofalo and Pope were close, in business and on a personal level, so the killing of Tresca perhaps suited them both, for perhaps quite different reasons. In 1954 William B. Herlands, the New York director of investigation under Thomas Dewey, governor of the state, carried out an inquiry i

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MRI shows no new damage on Manning's ankle2014-Dec-14

MRI shows no new damage on Manning's ankle


A person with knowledge of the results says Peyton Manning's MRI showed aggravation of his right ankle that is not expected to keep the Broncos quarterback out of next Sunday's game against Kansas City.


The person spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity because the team hasn't addressed the issue. Interim coach Jack Del Rio meets with the media Monday afternoon.


While Manning was throwing the final pass in a 28 20 win over the Chargers, San Diego lineman Corey Liuget hit the quarterback around the ankles. Manning was noticeably limping as he finished the game.


He had an MRI on Monday morning.


Manning originally hurt both ankles last www.nflfalconsofficial.com/Nike-Matt-Ryan-Jersey.html month.


The Denver Post had first reported the results of the MRI.


With Chris Clark subbing for All Pro left tackle Ryan Clady, who's on Julio Jones Jersey IR following a foot operation, Manning has been hit from Darius Butler Womens Jersey his blindside and fumbled in Denver's last three games.


Those protection issues http://www.nflfalconsofficial.com/Nike-Roddy-White-Jersey.html are a big Darius Butler Blue Jersey concern with the unbeaten Kansas City Chiefs up next. The Chiefs lead the league with 36 sacks, including 11 by Julio Jones Authentic Jersey Justin Houston and nine by Tamba Hali.

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